Anderson de Andrade

Anderson de Andrade is a passionate public school teacher at a title I dual-language elementary school in the Oakland Unified School District and a member of the University of California Berkeley History and Social Science Project Teacher Research Group. Before finding his calling as a teacher, he studied English Literature and Spanish at Georgetown University and received his MA in Urban Education from Loyola Marymount University.

Anderson hopes to challenge the politics of high-stakes testing and instill commonsense and creativity back into public school reform, with his new book, Good Schools: Stories to Inform Public Education Reform (New Degree Press, 2020)



Have you ever wondered, what it means to be a “good” public school?

Good Schools: Stories to Inform Public Education Reform, examines this question through stories and research from classrooms across America. In this book you will read about the challenges educators and students face in the current public school context and the creative solutions used to address them, including:

  • Providing mental health resources for students in need

  • Expanding early childhood education and post secondary programs for students

  • Reimagining the way we measure successful schools

With Anderson’s experience in the classroom, his conversations with individuals from across the education spectrum, and his hope to make and maintain a quality education for all students - Good Schools: Stories to Inform Public Education Reform becomes a must-read book for parents, teachers, administrators, and policymakers looking to bring creativity and equity to public education.

Reviews of Good Schools

"As we think about history and the histories of exclusion, it becomes important to re-evaluate the criteria for evaluation that we have used in the past, particularly the criteria for 'good' and 'goodness'. This book adds community-based evidence to inform our conversations as we revisit and revise our shared understandings and measures of the 'goodness' of schools -- and as we move to manifest more just educational spaces."

- Dr. Rachel Reinhard, Director, University of California Berkley History and Social Science Project

"The ideas within Good Schools: Stories to Inform Public Education Reform are what every teacher wishes people knew about public education, complete with a roadmap to making it better. Educators are often expected to follow education policy, but are rarely invited to help create it. Good Schools shows some of the simple, powerful changes that educators everywhere would love to see. Andrade's passion for education is evident on every page as he walks readers through the current landscape of public education and provides ideas and solutions to create and maintain good schools." - Stephen Wilson, Middle School Teacher, Morgantown, West Virginia

De Andrade captures the inspirational voices of teachers – the true heroes of public schools. ” - Dr. Edmundo Litton, Professor and Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning at Loyola Marymount University

"If you really want to understand more about our schools, start here. I found myself nodding along in nearly every section, so pleased not only to see my own experience as an educator reflected in this book, but also to learn from the perspectives of others. Good Schools gave me a better understanding of how I can do my part--and how we can all do our parts--to make our schools the best they can be." - Andrew Alston, Candidate for San Francisco Board of Education, High School Teacher

"Andrade combines his personal experience working in the education sector with his strong desire to improve public school education as a whole, and ensures that teacher and student voices remain strong throughout this book. A great read for anybody that's ever thought (and so desperately craved the answer to), "How can we make our schools better?" - Julia Sun, Author of Learning to Learn.

"Good Schools offers robust insights into the challenges and opportunities in public school systems and comprehensive recommendations for all stakeholders -- from students and teachers to community members and policymakers -- invested in the present and future of public education." -Julie Yelle, Author of Cutting-Edge Arts, Fine Sciences: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Innovation

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